MOVINGRAIL Deliverable 3.2 - Advances in Automated Vehicle Technology and Applicability to Railways

In road traffic, the development towards autonomous vehicles comes with the vision of harmonising road traffic and reducing the stochastic behaviour of individual vehicles and of road traffic as a whole. For rail traffic, this evolutionary step can be used as a source of inspiration in an era where rail traffic professionals are designing a rail system with moving blocks and virtual coupling. This deliverable looks at the question: “What applications, solutions and dynamics of automated car driving are applicability to the railway field?”.

MOVINGRAIL Figure 17 D3 2

The overall conclusion is that the steps in digitalisation of vehicles towards highly automated and perhaps even autonomous vehicles and the way this digitalisation is embedded in the overall traffic and transport management system on the road and in railways is a mutual source of inspiration.

The deliverable is pending approval from the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (JU).


The project will bring forward innovative concepts of “moving-block” railway traffic operations by (1) advancing testing methods for ETCS Level 3 and (2) Analysing Virtual Coupling which will lead to convoys of automated trains under cooperative adaptive control.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826347.